Tuesday, November 9, 2021

"A sun-drenched sky on windy autumn day; out across open fields passing clouds make shadow play. Silent beauty in multi-hues but ominous in a sense; for though today be delightful darkness soon gains precedence. --------- Ray, Psychology of Seasons

Our internet here in the "cave" at Pueblo del Sol has been down for the last FOUR weeks..... so I apologize that I haven't been able to make a post. 

October has come and gone and minus a few scattered days the weather was absolutely stellar ! Highs in the mid to high 70's to low 80's and with over night lows in the high 40's to low 50's was pretty much a daily occurrence.  It's also been amazing to get this extended growing weather for seeding areas in need. And even though we are in a seed drought, we are taking advantage of this weather with the seed we kept in stock. Looking at the extended weather reports, it appears we won't hit the dreaded "Frost Delay Days" until mid November, so please enjoy the next few weeks while it lasts!   

Taking a look back to October......

WIND DAY 2021...... We lost 4 trees(two behind #14 green alone) and had numerous damaged to trees, including tons of broken limbs when we got 40-70 mph gusts on the night of October 11th. With our winter "skeleton" crew we are still to this day cleaning up the damage caused by those winds. Pruning of fractured tree limbs, removal of remaining stumps, leveling ground and seeding in those areas will continue this month. 

#14 green.... roots pulled our irrigation line right out of the ground 
second one down #14 green
Needing a little irrigation repair
#14 green
#14 green looks a bit different now......
Between #2 & #8 
Cottonwood mess behind #3 & #7 greens
#18 ladies tee

Minus Wind Day 2021, We had some absolute gorgeous days.....

And Finally.....   

One of our own, Donnie Hancock, has officially retired from our GMS team here at Pueblo del Sol CC. Donnie has been an integral member with us here for the last 16 years. There is no doubt that we all want to wish Donnie the very best in his retirement but we also wanted him to know the huge void that he leaves will be difficult to replace. Donnie's experience, dependability, leadership, pride in his work, job flexability and rapport with the GMS staff and PDS members separated him from all the rest. Thank you Donnie, it's been an honor my friend!  Best Wishes to you and your wife .
Our Boss Bill Nauroth(left) and Donnie Hancock having some "retirement" cake .

There goes Donnie....off into the sunset!

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  1. wow....sorry to see all those trees go down. Good info and great pics! Thank you