Monday, July 17, 2017

At last the monsoon season has arrived........

The monsoon season is always a great time for us to get out with the Wiedenman Terra Spike aerifier and work some of our localized dry spots(LDS) in our fairways.

                 #2 fairway

 LDS are defined as irregular areas of turfgrass that start to show signs of drought stress for no apparent reason. Typically, for us, the problem lies in compacted, hydrophobic soil in the heat of the summer as being the main reason.Though we have had irrigation issues, thatch, disease and soil salinity as contributing factors in the past. 

            Aerified LDS spots 2 directions  #2Fairway

We will continue to work these LDS areas with the Wiedenmann terra spike to increase oxygen levels in the root zone and allow better water penetration.

We will also continue to spot spray these areas with a wetting agents(a surfactant that bonds with water and the organic coating on sand particles, allowing the soil to become wet) and continue our preventative disease spray program throughout the rest of summer. When the temps start to lower towards the end of summer we will re-visit the areas that we lost turf in and core aerify, seed and topdress.