Friday, October 11, 2019

Fall Aerification wraps up September

A look back at aerificaion

We got through another fall aerification successfully even with the rains and a shortage of crew members. We aerified front 9 fairways the first week of September with 1" x 11.5" solid tines at a depth of 5". During the week we also verticut front 9 tees and approaches. The second week we did the greens and approaches with a 5/8" tine at spacing grid of 1.5". The third week we wrapped up the back 9 fairways and tee aerification and finished the verticutting process on the back 9 tees and approaches.

greens aerification
moving plugs with backpack blowers for the sweeper
topdress and brush
brush and roll and ready for play
solid tine of fairways
mow cut at .120 and a roll on a heavy dew morning...... 20 days post aerification
first cut at .110  ....... 30 days post aerification