Thursday, March 24, 2022

New driving range net

 We have finally gotten a new driving range net to replace the old rotted and wind damaged net of years ago. I realize it's not a fancy addition to our golf course at first glance to some of our members, but to our crew here at the maintenance shack at the end of the driving range, it's a very welcomed sight. Safety is always a priority here and if you ever had a 280 + yard drive whiz past your head while your walking in our maintenance yard, you will know what I'm talking about. Special thanks to Tom, Brian and Castle & Cooke. We would also like to thank NETS Unlimited Inc., out of  Phoenix, AZ for the install. 

Torn old net blowing in the wind.......

Removal of old net

New net going up

left side almost complete

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Thank you PDSWGA !

The Staff here at GMS would like to thank the PDSWGA for the 

nice card, kind words of support and the delicious cookies we received after finishing

our aerification process. Much appreciated !

Friday, March 11, 2022

Aerification time .......

What we are accomplishing with aeration.........
(graphic from Atkinson Resort & Country Club )

The fun begins .......

 Aerification of B9 fairways (Feb 28- March 3)

B9 fairways Aerified, Verticut and blown

#7 Tee

Aerification of Tees

Greens aerification(March 7-10)

GMS "Jefe" Bill Nauroth helping out this week........

GMS crew cleaning up plugs remaining on collars and approaches

Gypsum and 0-0-50 applied to green to aid in recovery and top-dressed. The gypsum(calcium nitrate) helps displace sodium in the soil and the 0-0-50(Sulfate of Potash) helps with heat, drought and wear tolerance
#15 green top-dressed and brushed.

#2 green.... 3 days post aerification.......rolled and brushed

#7 green 5 days post aerification....rolled and brushed

#4 green  7 days post aerification....... rolled

#9 green    14 days post aerification.......mowed and rolled

#18 green......15 days post aerification

#7 green.....17 days post aerification

#10 green........18 days post aerification

#2 green.....  20 days post aerification. We will be doing a light "Dusting" of
the greens on Monday to top off and smooth the remaining indentions.

Driving Range Tee

Driving Range tee aeration....

Driving range tee

Yeahhhh St.Peter's !!!

The ins and outs of Aeration
                                    September 17/2017
                                    USGA Green Section Staff