Friday, June 22, 2018

The time to attack our LDS areas

LDS( Localized Dry Spot) is a condition that occurs when isolated pockets of soil become water repellant. With our varied soils here at PDS(From heavy clay to sand), patches of wilting turf from as small as a dinner plate to much larger dimensions will be located immediately next to healthy turf. After probing the soil in these areas, the soil in the wilted area will be powder dry and the soil supporting the healthy turf will be at normal moisture levels. These LDS areas are very difficult to re-wet even with repeated over-head watering or hand-watering. A few of the ways we try and combat LDS areas:

1) Make sure irrigation system is working properly(i.e. sprinkler functions correctly/times are correct in program)

2) Open these areas up with the Wiedenmann Terra spike( helps to facilitate water penetration and relieve compaction)

3)Spray wetting agents(Wetting agents have proved to be an effective means of reducing the severity of localized dry spots)

when isolated pockets of soil e. sprinkler functions 

We aerified LDS areas on tees using 8"(L) x 1"(W) solid tines at a depth of 5". We seeded with bentgrass seed, topdressed and fertilized. We followed up the next day spraying a wetting agent and with some timely rainfall a day later.....

Wiedenmann Terra Spike #3 Tee.........BEFORE

#3 Tee 10 days later.......AFTER
Wiedenmann Terra Spike #11 Tee.......BEFORE
#11 Tee 13 days later..........AFTER

We also have begun hitting our numerous LDS areas in fairways.  We are using the Wiedenmann Terra Spike with solid 8" x 1" tines at a depth of 4-6". The bad areas were we have lost turf are being done two directions and seeded, sanded and fertilized.

 Wiedenmann Terra Spike #2 fwy
Wiedenmann Terra Spike #1 Fwy
Wiedenmann Terra Spike #7 Fwy
 Wiedenmann Terra Spike #10 fwy