Saturday, May 21, 2022

Damage to #7 green

 Some worthless punk(s) went to town with a golf club on #7 green late afternoon/early evening on Friday. The damage was repaired early Saturday morning before play and most will recover. Some of the repairs(mainly the deep hole) will most likely have to be transplanted from the edge of the green because of a lack of viable turf remaining. We appreciate any help with identifying the culprit(s) or information of people loitering around the green on #7 late on Friday. 

Some quality people out there......

Repaired Saturday morning, sanded and trying to keep hydrated

And on Saturday night we had a shopping spree on #3 green, bunker and lake.....

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

SIerra Vista Open

Sierra Vista Open 2022

GMS would like to thank the following:   The Huachucans,  who have been putting this tournament on since 1985 and more importantly helping kids in Sierra Vista and Cochise County for over 35 years. PDS General Manager Tom Gibb for his input and support. Brian Deibert and his staff for helping in the setup of the tournament. Our "Jefe" Bill Nauroth for taking time from his busy schedule and helping out for three very very loooong days;P   Our GMS staff , not only for their hard work in prepping for this tournament, but on an everyday basis.

                   SV OPEN 2022 

 Brian and staff marking pin locations for tournament.

#2 before tourney

#7 green.....start of S.V. Open

#4 tee 

#4 green

#13 green

#14 green

#15 green

#16 green

I had just had to post some pictures our boss Bill Nauroth took while he was helping out during tournament week. Stellar pics Bill(New camera phone is good!)

Vermilion Flycatcher
#15 tee

We would also like to add a special shout out to PDS Country Club's do everything/anything handyman guy, Cody Padgett. Cody did a fantastic job on the new protection netting and posts around the practice bunker and the new roof tiles on the lightning shack on #15 before the tournament.  Great Job Cody !

practice bunker
lightning shack roof