Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Around the grounds ....... Dec & Jan

The staff here at GMS want to wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy New Year. We are all hopeful for a better 2022!

I had a total computer crash right before Christmas and basically lost everything on the hard drive. Unless I sent pictures in an email at some point I believe I lost all my old photos from 2005-2015. Oh well, lesson learned and  life does go on.......   

We had a few complaints about the stuck on heads the other day behind #11 tee with people wondering why we had our irrigation system running during one of the colder nights. Actually our irrigation system has not run at night since Dec 26th. The heads that stuck on were valves running on battery packs(1 of 12 battery packs we have on course) that have to be turned on/off and setup manually at the box they are located on. This particular box just happened to be the only one that was not shut off for the winter. So contrary to popular belief we didn't plan the stuck valve just for a winter wonderland photo opp ! 

In the last 6-8 weeks here at PDS we have seen a substantial  increase in unfixed ballmarks on greens and divots in fairways. With the extended amazing weather deep into December we were able to get a lot of thin areas seeded and sanded on fairways and tees with a lot of hard work and we are still getting this kind of course care?!?!?! Wow, Frustrating beyond words. We need a little help out there people.......

Silver tee markers are now complete on all holes. The cement full cups will be easier to find for the golfers and very maintenance friendly for us, especially with a small crew. We are also half way through getting the other tee markers painted.

Silver tees