Friday, July 9, 2021

July around the grounds.........

Finally............ Rain In Southern Az   !   

With the much needed moisture ( 2.65" measured on the course in a 3 day span) comes some issues that we will be working on this week (We are not complaing by the way! ). 
2" of that rain total fell in about an hour and caused a lot of clean up work with silt and sand that we will be removing on fairways and cart paths . With the heavy rain, the heat and intermittent high humidity we will also be fighting the fungus battle on turf. We will keep the focus on greens, tees and fairways in keeping with what we have available in our budget. Another thing the wet conditions caused is a break in our mowing routines, especially on fairways. The saturation and mud kept us from mowing them for a couple of days so we will be playing catch up this week. 

Driving Range Tee

Driving Range is on Grass......and on LEVEL ground !!! AND with target green flags! We are not at the turf density that we would like after going through bad lot of rye seed but we will get there. Our team here at GMS would like to give a special thanks shout out to Mr. Tom Gibb for making the tee project a priority  !

We will be ordering a variation of this sign to be placed on the driving range tee with the hope that golfers will abide by.

Our new signs on the driving range tee.......

*******COURSE REMINDERS*******


The rakes have been on the course for a week now........but you couldn't tell from the pictures this week 😒

A little help out there please ! 


Here at Pueblo del Sol , with normal every day play, we ask that you place rakes INSIDE bunkers about a foot off the edge. Try and keep from putting them on steep slopes.


These last few weeks we have seen an increase in unfixed ball marks on greens. Each morning we will have 10-20 on each green. 

Please Remember:

The average golfer leaves about 12 ball marks during a typical round of golf. With a daily average of 160 rounds on a typical golf course, your greens will suffer 1,920 ball marks each day and 58,400 ball marks per month--more than 700,000 ball marks each year! Further, consider that the average number of divots a typical golfer creates during a round of golf is 45. This equates to 7,200 divots a day or 2,628,000 divots each year!

It appears somebody poured something in the middle of #4 green a few weeks back.....we will keep an eye on this spot and transplant it to the edge if needed. 

Also..... somebody took a divot(looks like from a wedge) on #16 green. With the amount of time, effort and money we put into our greens these kind of things just infuriate staff

Found a giant friend on the driving range.... looks like a Asiatic rhinoceros female beetle to me(sans horn).

Another friend found in the rough.....picture taken by our Donnie Hancock.

“If you tend to a flower, it will bloom, no matter how many weeds surround it.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo