Friday, October 13, 2017

"Happily we bask in this warm September sun, Which illuminates all creatures..." - Henry David Thoreau


We started the first two weeks in September with solid tine aerification of Fairways with the Wiedenmann Terra Spike. We used a 1"(diameter) X 9"(long) tine and depending on the fairway, we went between 4"- 6" deep. 

Aerifying #13 fwy
Aerifying #1 fwy

During the two weeks of fairway aerification we also began punching tees. We used the Toro Pro-core with 1/2" (diameter) tines and went at a depth of 3 ".  After clean up we sanded and seeded as needed.

Aerifying Tees 
Picking up plugs on Tees
 aerified  tee after clean up

After finishing the fairways and tees we jumped right into aerifying greens. We used  1/2"(diameter)carbide tip tines at a depth of 3 1/2". After picking up plugs by hand and a final clean up with a blower we top dressed the greens with USGA sand, using almost 80 tons for all 18 plus the practice greens. We then started brushing and rolling the greens for the next 7 days. Finally the first mow @ .120 , 8 days post aerification. We would like to thank our GMS crew for a job well done !

                    Getting an early start on the greens                                     

                      Toro pro-core 
                    Top-dressing greens 
               Brushing greens...... Filling holes
                Ready for fertilizer and a drink
Double rolled and Brushed- 2 days post aerification
Double rolled and Brushed- 2 days post aerification    
First mow #7 green @ .120"- 8 days post aerification 
First mow #10 green @ .120"  8 days post aerification
 First mow #5 green @ .110  21 days post aerification