Friday, June 4, 2021

Needle tine Greens & Slit-seeding and topdressing of weak fairway areas

We finished our monthly goal of needle tine aerification of the greens this week. We wanted to make sure we "vented" the greens before we hit the "High Stress" period with temps in the mid 90's next week. The process of punching a small hole(5/16")into the green without removing any material, then double rolling the greens after completion is minimally invasive, clean and with little to no disruption to ball roll. A few of the  benefits we get from this process are :

1)  Help relieve soil compaction    helps break up compacted soil so that                              water/fert/other products can infiltrate easier

2)  Allows air to enter soil for better root and soil health   increasing oxygen content by routine needle tine venting of greens throughout the summer months produce healthy roots headed south into the rootzone, thriving in an oxygen rich environment and much happier ! :)

We have already gotten some negative comments about our timing of this needle tine with the tournaments next week but I can assure you that our timing is Spot On and that no one will know the difference by next week.


Thursday Needle tine vent (5/16" diameter) with a double roll after

Friday after a double mow

The last two weeks we have also been working on weak/thin areas in fairways, tees and roughs. We started with our "LDS"(localized dry spots) & thin areas in fairways..... solid tine aeration first(if needed), slit seeding then top dressing.

solid tine aerification on "LDS" fairway areas

Slit-seeding weak area #5 fwy