Friday, June 4, 2021

Needle tine Greens & Slit-seeding and topdressing of weak fairway areas

We finished our monthly goal of needle tine aerification of the greens this week. We wanted to make sure we "vented" the greens before we hit the "High Stress" period with temps in the mid 90's next week. The process of punching a small hole(5/16")into the green without removing any material, then double rolling the greens after completion is minimally invasive, clean and with little to no disruption to ball roll. A few of the  benefits we get from this process are :

1)  Help relieve soil compaction    helps break up compacted soil so that                              water/fert/other products can infiltrate easier

2)  Allows air to enter soil for better root and soil health   increasing oxygen content by routine needle tine venting of greens throughout the summer months produce healthy roots headed south into the rootzone, thriving in an oxygen rich environment and much happier ! :)

We have already gotten some negative comments about our timing of this needle tine with the tournaments next week but I can assure you that our timing is Spot On and that no one will know the difference by next week.


Thursday Needle tine vent (5/16" diameter) with a double roll after

Friday after a double mow

The last two weeks we have also been working on weak/thin areas in fairways, tees and roughs. We started with our "LDS"(localized dry spots) & thin areas in fairways..... solid tine aeration first(if needed), slit seeding then top dressing.

solid tine aerification on "LDS" fairway areas

Slit-seeding weak area #5 fwy

Friday, May 21, 2021

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

A little help on the course......please

 Ball marks and Divot Repair

Once again we are re-posting an earlier blog entry because of the increased number of unfixed ball marks on our greens over the last couple of months. We have also seen an uptick on the amount of divots in the fairways that are fixed improperly or just not fixed at all.  Keep in mind that here at PDS we encourage the golfer to replace any solid turf, because during this time of year any turf you can put back in the divot will speed up recovery time.

Here is our previous post on proper techniques at PDS to repair ball marks and divots in fairways: 


Since the start of March we have been seeing a lot of  unrepaired or improperly repaired divots in fairways.  I know many of you may be uncertain on how to properly repair a divot because different courses and Superintendents have different preferences on how to go about repairing a divot. Well, here at Pueblo del Sol we ask that you replace any solid turf. ANY TURF you can put back in the divot will speed up recovery- whether it be a pelt or chunks that are still holding together. Once the turf is put back all you need to do is add a little sand around the edges and pat it down with your foot. At this time of the year we tend to be on the dryer side and seed takes constant moisture to germinate and fill in, so any turf you can replace will help speed the healing process.

Improper divot repair- replace available turf

Proper divot repair- turf replaced- added a little divot mix

Improper divot repair- replace available turf

Proper divot repair- replaced turf- divot mix-leveled with foot

Just Truly frustrating......just put the turf back!!! 

Improper divot repair- too much sand-  damages our reel mowers and is a waste of mix

If the divot explodes into little pieces and there is nothing solid to replace, then you can fill the divot completely with divot mix that is provided on your golf cart. Always make sure you fill it just below the turf surface and then smooth it with your foot. Any overfilled divot is wasteful of seed and soil and is bad for our mowing equipment.

Ball Marks on Greens

As a general rule, a ball mark repaired within 10 minutes will heal with a smooth surface within two to three days. An unrepaired ball mark may take as long as three weeks to heal, but the result will be an uneven surface.  Beginner or pro, it is your responsibility as a golfer to fix your own marks. If you're truly a steward of the game, you'll fix any others you see while your partners are putting.  ( Source:  GCSAA)

Because of all the hard work and time we put into our greens, we have a lot of pride in our product so we try and fix as many ball marks as possible in the mornings as time permits. Having anywhere from 20-40 unfixed ball marks on 80% of the greens on a daily basis is quite disconcerting. So can we get a little help out there?!?!??   

Some interesting stats from Gary L. Tungate, Enviromental Care Inc. on an article titled-  "Repair divots and ball marks" for Golf Course Maintenance Magazine :

The average golfer leaves about 12 ball marks during a typical round of golf. With a daily average of 160 rounds on a typical golf course, your greens will suffer 1,920 ball marks each day and 58,400 ball marks per month--more than 700,000 ball marks each year! Further, consider that the average number of divots a typical golfer creates during a round of golf is 45. This equates to 7,200 divots a day or 2,628,000 divots each year!

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

"Every spring is the only spring - a perpetual astonishment." - Ellis Peters

Monthly Top Dressing of Greens.......

We just completed our monthly "dusting" of the greens that will help us smooth the surface, control thatch and to provide a firm, tight putting surface. 

Top dressed, brushed, and then rolled........ and finally watered in.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Driving Range Tee Project

 FINALLY...........renovation of the driving range tee!   

peeling off 30+ years of top dressing sand.....
making a dent....
the first of 80 dumps...... somewhere in the unreal region of around 1,400 tons of sand
Two swing joints straight of the head was where the hitting surface was in 2021
Wall of sand at our shop now....will be used everywhere on course for the next decade 
getting closer to original level of driving range tee......
We re-configured sprinkler head spacing....with new head placement for optimal coverage

GMS boss Bill Nauroth surveying new wire trench .....shovel in hand for unknown reason 😲
Burying sprinkler head wire.....
A bit more shaping and leveling

leveling front slope of tee
Last drag before seeding....
Sod time......outlining the tee

Sod a bit thirsty.....
The morning after seeding......
Some germination..... 5days
8 days....
21 days.......   even with the bad lot of rye seed, we are getting some coverage with the blue grass. 

Friday, March 12, 2021

Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn. -Lewis Grizzard

It's Aerification time !! 

It's that time again......the time we "punch holes" to let the turf breathe again. A time when we fracture our hard compacted soils to allow air and moisture to the root zone and encourage growth. A time to reduce thatch( the organic layer of living and dead shoots, stems and roots that sits between the zone of green vegetation and the soil surface). A time to introduce a heavy application of sand to not only fill aeration holes, but creating "pockets" for air/water movement, diluting thatch, and speeding up the recovery process that will eventually lead to a better putting surface. The time that everyone enjoys:0 

We are heading into our third(and last:) week of  verticutting and aerification. We have already pulled cores on all the fairways, tees, approaches, collars and some rough areas. We have also verticut the tees and approaches to remove even more thatch. Finally we wrapped up the fairways,tees, approaches, surrounds and rough with some fertilizer to give them some much needed nutrition and to help aid in recovery. 

Greens are on tap this week and it's been a challenge so far. Unfortunately our two punch days have been the coldest days in the last few weeks, so with frost delays we couldn't get started first light but eventually we got rolling and finished aerification and verticutting on greens. 

Pulling cores with our Wiedenmann terra spike on #11 fwy. Using 9"x 1" side eject tines at a depth of 3"-4"
more cores.... #1 fwy
#10 fwy after dragging plugs and blowing off remaining debris
Collar #9 green.... aerified with our Toro Pro Core, light drag to break up plug and blown off
#9 approach....aerified, dragged, verticut 2 directions then blown off 
#4 Tee....aerified with Toro Pro Core and verticutt 2 directions, blown off debris
GMS "Grand Poobah" Bill Nauroth helping out this week verticutting greens! 
Dicing and pulling up some thatch
Toro Pro core punching #2 green
Toro pro core #8 green
Sweeping #1 green

Greens Swept and blown off..... 5/8"(diameter) tine at 3"(depth) in a 2"x 2" grid

Top dressed and brushed