Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Around the grounds....... April - June

Some early rains are upon us.......we currently are at 2.6" for the year with 1.4" of the total in the month of June. These June rains are bringing some much needed moisture, cooler temps, and generally just helping to even out overall turf moisture and especially helping to hydrate some of our tough localized dry spot areas. Eventually these rains will be bringing us some turf fungus issues and possibly some cart restrictions on turf..... to everyone's delight. We always take whatever moisture we can get here in the desert, with the Pros always outweighing the Cons.

April.... Our favorite General stopping by to say HellOoooo

Early May heat.....and hot spots. All about the hand watering!

Localized dry spots(LDS)........  a condition that appears as an irregular patch of grass that shows drought stress for seemingly no particular reason. One of the main factors contributing to localized dry spot is hydrophobic soil, or soil that rejects water. So even though we have a decent irrigation system, some areas on each putting green will need more water than other areas and hand watering gives us greater control on where and how much water we need to apply on specific LDS areas

Our Thursday routine on the Driving Range...

Mowing, seeding, sanding.......


getting your "stripe" on....

May - Needle tine greens

We were able to vent greens before the heat and rain with some needle tine aerification. I've been

asked about the process and what we are trying to accomplish when we vent.....

The main objectives we are trying to accomplish with this process is:


  • allow oxygen into the root zone and releasing carbon dioxide build up
  • Water can penetrate these areas and become more available for roots.
  • A small channel is created below the surface which can allow roots to become healthier and fill these small areas.
  • Improving the environment helps all the good microbes in the green profile 

  . Improving stress tolerance and water movement are crucial to the survival of the greens in summer.

We finished up after the needle tine with a double roll of the greens and a mow. Minimal disturbance with virtually no interference with putting and ball roll. All signs of the vent are usually gone in a matter of days. We will hopefully be venting again start of July.

We had two main line breaks in June

#11 Tee rough break
#15 red tee/cart path break

Moisture coming.....
Morning after a bit of rain.....and a mow !
Always a great view on #4 

Over the last month or so we have been noticing that somebody in our membership has been adding their own fertilizer(with Seed) to put into divots.....this needs to END . You are not helping by putting an excessive amount of fertilizer into a divot, in fact you are burning the divot and killing turf around it.

fertilizer burn in a divot on #12 fwy

fertilizer burn in a divot #5 fwy

A 1"x 2" divot turned into 4" x 9" patch of dead turf due to fertilizer burn........ 

#18 fwy.....turf kill by over fertilizing a divot

A storm a brewin' .............
The morning after the storm....

Also wanted to wish everyone a Happy & Safe Fourth of July! Celebrate the peace and commemorate the heroes!

" Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time." —John Lubbock