Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Aerification of Fairways,Tees and Greens

Another successful Spring aerification of Fairways, Tees and Greens is in the books

We started the process back on March 6th with the core aerification of Fairways. We pulled a 1"(diameter) x 5"(depth) core, broke up the cores with drag mats, and blew off the remaining debris. During this time we also completed the Tees with the same process except we pulled a 4"(depth) core and seeded and top-dressed the par 3's and brushed to level. After a few days and the second cleanup from a blower,  the Fairways and Tees were ready to be mowed to finish the cleanup process. All Fairways and Tees were ready for play March 17th. With no rest for the weary we jumped right into aerifying greens on March 20th. We pulled a 5/8"(diameter) x 3" (depth) core @ 1.5" spacing on the greens. With the awesome work done by our crew, some amazing weather during this period, and some added soil nutrients- the healing and recovery time of the turf has been significantly increased and we are very happy where we are at after 3 weeks on Fairways and Tee's and one week after Greens.

Completion of the greens was March 23 and the entire course was open for play March 24th.

A condensed look at this long process through photos.........

Pulling cores with the Wiedenmann Terra Spike

Cores drying for easier breakup during dragging

Breaking up cores with drag mat

Blowing off debris

 #4 Fairway after a drag and blow

#10 Tee aerified

#4 tee after clean up

Aerifying greens with the Toro ProCore
#1 green

Greens: 5/8"(diameter) tine x 3" (depth) @ 1.5" spacing

Picking up plugs by hand

Blowing off remaining debris

Topdressing greens

Filling holes with the greens-groomer brush

 One day after aerifying....second brushing

Ready for play...3 days after aerification. Rolled and brushed

First Mow @ .120  (April 3rd)  .... 13 days post aerification

First drop in mowing height to .100  ....  30 days post aerification