Friday, March 12, 2021

Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn. -Lewis Grizzard

It's Aerification time !! 

It's that time again......the time we "punch holes" to let the turf breathe again. A time when we fracture our hard compacted soils to allow air and moisture to the root zone and encourage growth. A time to reduce thatch( the organic layer of living and dead shoots, stems and roots that sits between the zone of green vegetation and the soil surface). A time to introduce a heavy application of sand to not only fill aeration holes, but creating "pockets" for air/water movement, diluting thatch, and speeding up the recovery process that will eventually lead to a better putting surface. The time that everyone enjoys:0 

We are heading into our third(and last:) week of  verticutting and aerification. We have already pulled cores on all the fairways, tees, approaches, collars and some rough areas. We have also verticut the tees and approaches to remove even more thatch. Finally we wrapped up the fairways,tees, approaches, surrounds and rough with some fertilizer to give them some much needed nutrition and to help aid in recovery. 

Greens are on tap this week and it's been a challenge so far. Unfortunately our two punch days have been the coldest days in the last few weeks, so with frost delays we couldn't get started first light but eventually we got rolling and finished aerification and verticutting on greens. 

Pulling cores with our Wiedenmann terra spike on #11 fwy. Using 9"x 1" side eject tines at a depth of 3"-4"
more cores.... #1 fwy
#10 fwy after dragging plugs and blowing off remaining debris
Collar #9 green.... aerified with our Toro Pro Core, light drag to break up plug and blown off
#9 approach....aerified, dragged, verticut 2 directions then blown off 
#4 Tee....aerified with Toro Pro Core and verticutt 2 directions, blown off debris
GMS "Grand Poobah" Bill Nauroth helping out this week verticutting greens! 
Dicing and pulling up some thatch
Toro Pro core punching #2 green
Toro pro core #8 green
Sweeping #1 green

Greens Swept and blown off..... 5/8"(diameter) tine at 3"(depth) in a 2"x 2" grid

Top dressed and brushed