Wednesday, May 22, 2019

"Spring - an experience in immortality." - Henry D. Thoreau

Our busy tournament season schedule has arrived....... May and June brings us some hotter weather and a host of tournaments including the S.V. Open, The Memorial Day tournament, The Hummingbird Classic, The City Championship, The City Senior Championship and the S.V & Coronado Cups. Tournament prep has begun and the work that has been started in March and April will set us up well going forward. 

Bunker work:  edging, string trimming, fixing sand washboards and pushing sand the week before the SV OPEN. We will continue to work on bunkers over the next few months.


Our gran jefe Bill Nauroth getting speed readings with the stimpmeter the day before the SV OPEN
Part of our tourney prep is understanding the moisture in our greens and what we need going forward.
Donnie "Burning" in some rough lines


The GMS team worked really hard getting us ready.....


              This picture taken by Bill Nauroth