Tuesday, March 5, 2019

January and February wrap up

It has been a rather bizarre winter here at Pueblo del Sol with the heavy snow in late December, more snow and rain with heavy fog through the first 10 days of January and some light snow mixed with rain in February.....and really just some unfriendly temperatures. The average high for the month of January through our weather stations was 60 degrees. The low average for the month was 30 degrees. In February the average high temp actually dropped to 58 and the low came in at 33. With these cold temps most of our cool season turf has stayed in winter dormancy, (the yellowish-brown-green color that you see)the plants way of preserving energy awaiting soil temps to rise.

Late December Snow
Jan 2

Heavy fog rolling in.......Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors!!! :)

Skipper's FIRST day at work and the last day OF ACTUAL work.....  :)

We have had more than a few irrigation repairs/issues the last two months. We had a deteriorated gasket on a 10" main line valve at the pump station on #8, six lateral line breaks and numerous leaking irrigation heads. Some of the leaking heads are because of older worn out internal valves in the sprinkler case(that need replacement) and some are because of the cold weather and usually stop leaking when they start getting used more. The majority of our lateral line breaks can be attributed to tree roots.  

Leaking 10" valve #8 rough( rotted gasket)

 Large tree root that broke pipe #1

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