Friday, January 26, 2018

Greens Mower Brush Attachment


We have recently finished building a brush attachment for our greens mower. After we got our plan of attack and all the materials, it went together rather quickly and cost us under $100. Our mechanic Phil fabricated the steel tubing, painted it,  attached the three 24’ broom heads, hooked up the chain to hold up brush for transport all in about 5 hours(bathroom breaks not included) . The finished product mounts directly into the existing square tubing on the mower itself which makes for a nice clean look and functional unit. The many benefits to brushing 2-3 three times a week are as follows:

       Quality and consistency of cut
       Grain reduction
       Smooth surface
       Increased ball roll
       Less evasive than grooming or verticutting
       Promote upright growth
       Poa seedhead reduction
       Increased density and finer texture
       Opens up turf canopy to accept amendments like sand and fertilizer and also keeps air space in the canopy to help prevent diseases
       Overall improved greens health and appearance
       Can be mounted on a vibratory roller to brush in topdressing sand

All of these benefits combined will result in greater putting quality and an improvement in overall playability. 

Clay McKinley
PDSCC Golf Course Superintendent

A short video of our new brush in action:

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